100.000 euro for Alzheimer research Dr. Claassen


The International Foundation for Alzheimer's Research (ISAO) has granted 100.000 euro to dr. Jurgen Claassen, geriatrician and researcher of the Alzheimer Centre Nijmegen.

Hypertension increases the risk for Alzheimer, but it is still unknown how having a high blood pressure leads to Alzheimer's disease. Together with Dr. Amanda Kiliaan, researcher at the neuroanatomy department and affiliated to the Alzheimer Centre Nijmegen, this link will be investigated. In a mousemodel they will investigate if elevated levels of Angiotensin II (a strong factor in hypertension in humans), will contribute to the development of Alzheimer. The researchmethods are chosen to resemble the studies in humans: they will work with old mice and will investigate cerebral perfusion using MRI.